Learn Reactjs: Become The Highest Paid Front-End Software Developer Today

Learn Reactjs: Become The Highest Paid Front-End Software Developer Today

If you’re reading this blog, it’s because you want to know why to react is so big today, if you’re reading this you are trying to make a difference in your life today and I am here to tell you why you need to learn to react.

Reasons to learn Reactjs nowadays

ReactJs is so big right now & right now today react.js is killing it and this is why you need to learn to react. React is in demand, because of how big react is today and how it could really Joestar your career not just that if you’re already a developer, and you want to know what you need to do to take that next step to get even a bigger salary or bigger rings or a new job in a better company. I’ll tell you why you need to learn to react today, check this out very short and simple here we go!

To be honest, react is honestly a phenomenon, react wasn’t written just by any people,  in fact, react was actually written by Facebook. Now, what react has done to this industry is that it has completely transformed, how front-end development works? do you have to think about this it?

Really big companies using reactjs like Netflix, Airbnb, Walmart

Learn ReactJs

Reactjs hasn’t even been around for that long, it is still new to this industry, but, despite the fact that it’s new to this industry it’s still kind of a new Framework, what is it even further evidence that react.js is blowing up today.

React is being used by really big companies, for example, Netflix, Airbnb, Walmart,  you name it. But why are all these big companies were so interested in this framework called reactjs? Because, it’s honestly it’s it just makes web development, mobile development, so much easier. They have to think about it if you’re a react developer, you can use react, not just on the web, but you can even use it on an Android, you can even use it on an iOS device, so now you’re technically you’re not a web developer, now you’re a software developer who can work with not just web development. There is some difference between Reactjs, AngularJs, and VueJs (react vs angular vs vue).

Demand for reactjs developers honestly it is high

Learn ReactJs

ReactJs developers are now in regards to frontal development react fund and developers are the highest paid front-end developers in the game today not just that react developers are not only the highest paid front-end developers in the game today they are honestly the most in-demand because there’s so much in need for something like this react framework.

What you have to think about it like GU yak literally just came out of nowhere yes it came from Facebook yeah that’s true but it seemingly seems like react pretty much gained its popularity overnight why because of how easy it is to learn it’s easily learned. and I’m learning angular right very easy for the user and it’s just its amazing man I think.

another sign that reactjs is killing us today is the fact that so many big companies are moving over yak but I work for a small company right we’re not the biggest company but we get things done they pay well they take care of me we take care of our clients we do all these things and I do thank them for everything they’ve done for me right. But even my company isn’t moving to react but just because my company isn’t moving to react does not mean I should put in the effort to learn it simply because we’re only doing angular because even you have to think about this even like large companies all around the world learning it’s a day what are three reasons that you should learn react today.

Reasons why you need to learn to reactjs today

Learn ReactJs

Reason #1: Companies loving to react like literally all around the world we have to think about react, what does it do? It appeals to organizations, why does it appeal organizations? because of number one is fluidity how beautiful it is and how interactive it is the way that it helps user experience seem so flawless when they interact with your program. There’s a software engineer and his name is Adam Neary and he actually works for Airbnb and he said this he detailed a company’s transition to react and it’s crabs are goals in making this change we want the user experience to be fluid adjusting what the user experience as they explore in their search navigating across tabs in a vacuum of listings should feel luxurious and effortless, what does react do it makes it effortless, for the user it makes everything so easy to do it’s insane.

Reason #2: Reason, why you should learn react is none but some developers love it. I had the co-founder of react training right his name is Michael Jackson what he said is this  – he said, “as soon as I found a react I knew that this was the right way to do things, why because, it’s so easy to work with it, makes just building things so much more easily”.

Reason #3: Last but not least but the reason why you need to learn to ReactJs today, at present the industry is crazy right now but when you think about it today finally developers are the rock stars now. But what makes a website appealing and what makes people wanna use that website, is a user interface and the things that we as frontend developers do today that’s why employers they love developers, they love to react.js developers, because they have the ability to create an incredible user experience for everyone that goes to the website.

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