React Is The New jQuery! (Or Is It Vue)

React Is The New jQuery! (Or Is It Vue)

Today’s blog is about React, is react the new jQuery? (Or is it Vue) what are the similarities between the two, what are the differences? I will pen down more about that. Yes, this topic has been coming up a few times, there have been a few medium articles on it. I’ll go ahead and add give you little insights.

React.Js is a popular library for your framework.

reactjs is the new jquery

So reactjs obviously is a really popular UI library made by the creators of Facebook. And it has kind of its life of its own it’s really super mega popular right now, pretty much everyone recommends it for your first framework.

If you’re trying to learn React.Js or it’s not a UI library but once you start adding everything to it you can pretty much call it a framework. But a lot of times people recommend it. It is the first thing you should learn when you’re trying to learn web development and you’re kind of taking that step up after you learn HTML CSS and JavaScript.

A little bit of comparison of React.Js to JQuery!

reactjs is the new jquery

I just want to do a little bit of a comparison to jQuery, because, that’s what a lot of people are talking about now jQuery! I’ve written several other blogs on that and now I’ve written blogs on jQuery and the consensus.

jQuery is still a great library to use, but a lot of its core functionality and value isn’t as necessary as it used to be, because you can really do a lot of stuff and a lot of the Dom manipulation that you use jQuery with before using some of the latest es6 and the latest and greatest in javascript.

So you don’t necessarily need it as much, but there are still some things it does really well.

Common things between React.Js and jQuery

reactjs is the new jquery

Here are the pros for why react is the new jQuery, so they both have some commonalities where both are very easy to learn because there are so many communities out there, there are so many tutorials, and it’s just really easy to learn.

And reason with once you kind of get past a little bit of the complexities if you’re using react JSX, there’s also some complexities with jQuery as well react UI. That is really a small library and so is jQuery, they’re very minimalist, and they are very high quality, very consistent with each other.

I’ve jQuery that is actually quite a bit bigger, but it does so many things and there’s so much to it, but you see there are some parallels between the two libraries there’s no doubt that both libraries are extremely popular.

Especially back in the day jQuery became pretty much a bhikkhu Attis. Any time we talked about web development almost everybody used it in every single project, it was just like the de-facto thing you used. Because it made so many things easier, fast forward to today jQuery is not as popular as it used to be, but it’s still pretty useful and it’s still being used by millions of sites.

React.Js is getting very popular nowadays!

reactjs is the new jquery

Now let’s look at react, react is becoming really extremely very popular. If you look at all the graphs of all the different frameworks and UI libraries react is always near the top everybody’s talking about it.

I think even WordPress is going to be using it now, so it’s pretty much everywhere and it’s becoming a big Buddhist anytime, we teach people to learn web development, reactjs is usually on the top of the list now there are libraries like angular and vue that are gaining a lot of momentum, but it’s still not quite as popular as react and react has the most jobs out there and both really are solid they’re very fast, they’re very streamlined and you know like I said before, they’re really popular and even six-year-olds aren’t learning it.

jQuery is great for DOM manipulation, Animation!

reactjs is the new jquery

Let’s talk about some cons, so jQuery is a different library, jQuery is the utility library, it’s great for many things, including DOM manipulation, the animation was a really big part of it as well to do animation well.

React is more a library to build user interfaces you do it’s a more single page application kind of library that helps you create really cool user interfaces and it doesn’t have as many utility functions as jQuery has.

You can argue that they accomplish very different things, to react is usually kind of the first thing a lot of new developers use to put inside their projects when they’re trying to create more of like a single page application.

Where they want all the routing and everything inside one library at the front while jQuery is more of utility library you kind of put it in there it helps you with your DOM manipulation and also helps you with a few things here and there.

So they have a lot of different functions and they’re not the same now. One thing people tend to say bad about jQuery is that it’s not as necessary as it used to be some of the functions and functionality utilities have, actually it has been brought in to the latest version of JavaScript es6 while react is really the most popular that it is right there.

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